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Desiree Perez: Offering Hope To Students Through Scholarships

The faculty at the Roc Nation School of Music, Sports & Entertainment believe opportunity, equality, and inclusion are at the heart of what makes their students successful. CEO of the school, Desiree Perez, announced that soon the school would have new opportunities for the students. Opportunities including a new scholarship where one freshman student will have financial support throughout their time at the school paid for entirely by artist Megan Thee Stallion, who will also serve as a lecturer in the program.

Desiree Perez believes identifying talent in the students and giving them a chance to grow and exceed expectations has been the primary foundation for developing the school. Desiree Perez says a quarter of all freshmen would be receiving a scholarship and would graduate without debt. The staff is doing this as an investment in future generations. However, Grammy Winner Megan Thee Stallion is not the only artist working at the Brooklyn-based school.

Staff also has announced that 9thWonder will also be teaching courses and other celebrities such as Sam Newsome and Colin Levin on the team. The current faculty hope this will bring new life into an already outstanding school. Roc Nation school of Music, Sports, and Entertainment is considered an excellent school for the borough and New York City youth. The school has produced some of the biggest celebrities in Entertainment today. Without Desiree Perez, who was named CEO of the school, these opportunities would not be available for many students contrarily due to finances or other boundaries preventing them from attending college. Read More.