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PosiGen Solar Panel Removal and Reinstallation

Modern solar panels are intended to work at top productivity for quite a long time. However, much damage could occur during this period. Perhaps your rooftop needs a minor fix, or you are relocating to a new house, and you need to take your panels with you. To prevent breakage or inaccurate reinstallations, which can negatively affect execution. It is good to have a certified solar panel installer handle the work. According to Posigen CEO, Thomas Neyhart, the team of solar panel installers will cooperate to guarantee that it is a flawless process and your solar panels are fully operational.


Pre-Removal Assessment

The majority of evacuation and reinstallation duties begin with an extensive site visit. PosiGen CEO adds that team members will take care of the whole process. The technicians will utilize the data collected to make a complete site plan for your solar panel evacuation and reinstallation project.



You should keep them in a secure area if they are not on your rooftop to prevent harm. PosiGen does all the technical tasks for you. The process is incredibly thorough and intended to secure your property and boards while guaranteeing that your system works precisely as planned or better (Prnewswire).


Evacuation Scheduling

PosiGen administration office will coordinate with you to facilitate all evacuation and reinstallation dates.


Installation Scheduling

PosiGen CEO points out that for this step, the administration office will arrange an installation date that suits your timetable.


Reinstallation and Final Inspection

PosiGen technicians will perform the reinstallation process. They execute a quality review to guarantee the system is working appropriately to finish up the installation procedure. Each employee has the necessary expertise to provide the best assistance. Feel free to contact PosiGen Customer Service.