Betsy DeVos Has A Personal Conversation With Philanthropy Magazine

Betsy DeVos is an advocate for school choice programs, which she has been working on for years. When she was a young student at Calvin College, Elisabeth Prince became involved in campus politics and remained politically active throughout her life. Betsy has been leading various campaigns and groups for over three decades.


As entrepreneurs, Betsy and Dick DeVos look for ways to solve social problems.

She is a passionate advocate for education reform, and she has a wide range of charitable interests. She is also a member of several national and regional boards, including the Kennedy Center and the Mars Hill Bible Church.


It’s been almost 50 years since Milton Friedman argued that government should play a greater role in education. It’s also been 25 years since Wisconsin launched its own private school voucher program.


There are now more than 250,000 students in publicly funded, private-choice schools in the United States. Within the last year, Betsy was happy to see new programs in 11 states. In 2011, Indiana passed a major new law that will allow thousands of kids to attend private schools. This confluence of events has caused people to pay attention to the failure of traditional public schools. It has also helped people realize that there are still ways to improve education.


Since it was considered radical at first, Betsy DeVos was asked what sparked her interest in the movement? When Dick and Betsy had kids, they visited the Potter’s House Christian School, which serves a part of Grand Rapids. There, they met parents who were devoted to making their kids feel safe in their learning environment.


They would visit the school again and again, thinking about what they saw. While some parents were able to afford to send their kids to a great school, others were forced to start supporting individual students. This made Betsy and her husband want to find ways to help.


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