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David Azzato’s Advice for London Businessmen

David Azzato recently wrote down some advice for entrepreneurs. He focuses on the importance of working for yourself and offering something new and unique to your potential customers. David Azzato also has a lot to say about how when you work for yourself, it can be a difficult road.

Entrepreneurs have quite a different path compared to other people who just work a job. The path is a lot less certain for one thing. You don’t know exactly where it’s going to lead, and it’s not like working a job for someone else since in that situation, everything is laid out for you.

Every day you go to work and perform the list of functions in your job description. For most jobs, there’s never any about what you should do that day since the same road stretches out ahead of you every time.

However, for entrepreneurs it’s different. From the outside, people just see individuals going their own way, breaking expectations and creating something new. However, from the inside, it’s not nearly that easy at all. You don’t have a script to follow, you have to make it all up yourself.

David Azatto’s advice to these types of businessmen is that you have to have endurance and be prepared to suffer setbacks. There will be moments of pure joy and moments of extreme frustration. You will go back and forth between being sure that what you’re currently doing now will work, to doubting that it was ever a good idea.

The advice from David Azzato starts with focusing on your “roots” or the core of your idea. There’s going to be a lot of distractions as your business develops, but you have to no never lose track of why you are creating the product or service you’re creating in the first place, and what you’re bringing to the market that’s different.

In the end, he’s saying that it’s important to always focus on your motivation for your approach. You need to keep going back to asking why in order to make sure you’re still connected to the new things that are happening. This means that every time your motivation for creating this business is challenged, you will have to choose between making sure you still have your original motive in mind, or whether you should change that motive to fit what is happening all around you. Otherwise, you could get lost and have trouble getting back on the road again.

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