Five Things You Never Knew About Gordonstoun School

Gordonstoun School is a well-known boarding school in Scotland.

Five things you should know about Gordonstoun School.

1- Founded by Dr. Kurt Hahn

Dr. Kurt Hahn was born in Berlin on October 4th, 1906, and died September 27th, 1974, after spending much of his life teaching at different schools around the world, including Frankfurt University and London’s University College before founding Gordonstoun with Prince Philip in 1934

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  1. – The school aims to foster the personal development of students in an environment that encourages respect for others, care, and responsibility

Gordonstoun is founded on four core values: humanity, dignity, courtesy, and reverence.

These are still alive today at Gordonstoun, with daily assemblies being conducted by teachers called Prefects who their fellow students have elected.

  1. – The school is known for its distinctive style of dress

Gordonstoun has a very strict uniform.

Male students must wear grey trousers, white shirts, and blue jumpers while the girls are expected to wear either neutral-colored skirts or pinafore dresses with blouses and berets in any color except black.

Students at Gordonstoun can get away with wearing their footwear instead of the standard black Wellington boots.

  1. – The Duke of Edinburgh Award was founded by Prince Philip at Gordonstoun

The award is very similar to the Boy Scouts’ “Good turn”, which encouraged young boys and girls to give back to their communities.

However, it differed in that it also educated children about different cultures and aimed to foster a sense of community spirit through adventure.

  1. – The school is known for its strong emphasis on academics

Gordonsoun has a reputation for getting its students into the best universities in the United Kingdom and beyond.

Many famous alumni have become leaders in politics, entertainment, business, literature, and more! Gordonstoun was ranked as one of Britain’s top three boarding schools in a recent survey, and its most famous alumnus is none other than His Royal Highness, the Duke of Edinburgh.

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