Gordonstoun: Home To Greatness And An Unrivalled Education

In 1934, Gordonstoun School was founded by Dr Kurt Hahn to not only promote education but also self-discovery within its student populace.

Today, in the year 2021, Gordonstoun continues to pay tribute to its founder through its unrivalled education and unique curriculum that has served countless students from over 40 different countries, including the late Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip.

The 200-acre woodland campus is home to many historical buildings and beautiful sights that help to foster a strong learning environment in both indoor and outdoor classes that seeks to bring out academic and personal growth from its student populace.

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Due to the wide variety of students that come in from all over the globe, students are capable of widening their horizons and gaining new experiences by interacting with their peers, which will grant them cultural awareness and a deeper understanding of the world they live in.

Together, students will encounter provocative subjects both in curricular and extra-curricular activities, such as the performing arts and sports.

Gordonstoun’s state-of-the-art campus contains a sports centre with a sports hall, a swimming pool, and various courts for a litany of sports, as well as practice rooms for performance art students that engage in lunchtime concerts and formal evening performances.

Students are also capable of undergoing seamanship training that grants them the ability to partake in a five-day sailing trip off the west coast of Scotland on Gordonstoun’s own sailboat, the Ocean Spirit of Moray.

In the midst of all this, students are also able to take part in an extensive careers advice programme that covers their options for post-16 education and higher education, as well as international exchange programmes that grant them the ability to visit other countries.

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