Anti-aging Research, IoT Technology

Jason Hope Forward Thinking and Forward Moving

Jason Hope has been a native of the state of Arizona much of his life. He was born and raised in Tempe. In young adulthood, he completed studies at the State University where he received an undergraduate degree in Finance, and an MBA from that university too. Jason Hope now works and makes his home in Scottsdale, Arizona. Over his professional life, he has spent time and talent developing several entrepreneurial business ventures (Facebook). 

Jason Hope and the IoT

His key interests include high-tech philanthropy as it applies to the healthcare sector, and high-tech projects that balance the digital world and the digital needs of the human body. In a practical sense, this interest centers around anti-aging medicine, and improving or meeting the challenges of healthcare diagnostics in the immediate and distant future. To Jason Hope, improved diagnostic measures and digitally keeping healthcare provider services even with patient demand is part of the forthcoming role from IOT, the Internet Of Things. 

Jason Hope balances his day between observing a healthy lifestyle and bringing ideas to the fore with an in-place team of like-minded colleagues. His day may begin with a healthy breakfast, workout, and then some time checking his computer for new communications. Jason Hope takes occasional breaks throughout the work day to allow himself some distance from the digital world. He sees failure as essential to business, and something essential from which one can glean valuable lessons. To the IOT, failure may mean taking measures to improve malware and online security. Jason Hope is involved as a philanthropist in supporting such causes as: The T Gen Foundation, Boys and Girls Club of Metropolitan Phoenix and Family Health International. His approach to life, ideas and improvement is to keep things basic and moving along in increments.