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Laura Rea Dickey Spearheads Dickey Barbecue Restaurants Success Through Tech

In an article entitled “Dickey’s Barbecue Pit CEO Reacts to Repeal of COVID-19 Restrictions”, Laura Rea Dickey says safety protocols will still be in place at many eateries while businesses find a balance for customer comfort levels.

With over eight decades in business, Dickey Barbecue Restaurants has proven its ability to innovate and adapt to the ever-changing economic tides and marketplace challenges. The now internationally recognized enterprise initially started as a local restaurant based in Dallas. Over the years, three generations have managed Dickey’s business, from Travis Dickey to Roland Jr, and currently Laura Rea Dickey. The Dickey family now owns Dickey Capital Group with Roland Jr at the helm.

The entry of Laura Rea Dickey into the business top management was phenomenal. Touting her specialty in marketing and technology, Laura has been the mastermind of numerous advancements that have steered the restaurant’s success.

She has guided the company to adopt emerging technologies such as AI. Laura has made multiple efforts to come up with new recipes and upgrade the menu. She is the brain behind the employee training, development course, third-party delivery program, and the adoption of the online ordering system launched amid the pandemic.

The firm has also partnered with Amazon. Through data-directed decision-making, Dickey Barbecue has grown exponentially. The restaurant firm has hundreds of restaurants country-wide. Under Laura, Dickey Barbecue has launched restaurants in Dubai and Abu Dabi. Laura Rea Dickey’s approach to technology and marketing has progressed the Franchise’s sustainability and profitability and community empowerment through philanthropy.

Laura Rea Dickey Net Worth is the current CEO of the privately held Dickey Barbecue Restaurants based in Texas. She is an alumnus of the Texas Christian University. After her education, she launched her career aiming to drive industry solutions and the growth of enterprises by incorporating modern-day technology into the marketing landscape.

Laura has worked determinedly from the marketing and technology advisor, CIO position to the CEO. Laura has received numerous accolades for her innovative use tech in business, including Dalla’s 2015 Top Woman in tech Award and 2019 top 100 CEOs. Philanthropically, Laura backs the Dickey Foundation. See related link to learn more.


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