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New Version Of Cloud Inventory® Platform- Data Systems International

Data Systems International® or DSI® has released a new version of Cloud Inventory®, their flagship software system. This newest release includes an improved user interface, advanced data visualization, reporting features, and additional advanced inventory management capabilities. The Cloud Inventory® platform is a scalable cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that integrates seamlessly with any hardware or software configuration for small to large business environments.

The new version of Cloud Inventory® by DSI Global provides a complete set of inventory management features that are easily accessible via an intuitive web-based interface to be able to see exactly where your assets are, what condition they may be in, who is using them, and if they’re being used as intended. The platform enables business owners to make informed decisions by providing access to complete and current inventory data and facilitates real-time multi-branch collaboration and accessibility of inventory accounting data, regardless of location.

The Data Systems International Cloud Inventory® management system is designed for organizations without prior ERP experience, making it easy to implement. It allows businesses to choose their own hardware, software, and IT service providers so they can reduce initial investment costs while freeing up critical time and resources that would otherwise be spent on infrastructure management. The advanced reporting capabilities of the platform ensure users have the information they need to make better-informed purchasing decisions, building or refurbishing inventory.

The ongoing monthly cost of Cloud Inventory® is far less than traditional ERP systems available today without ongoing software license fees, server fees, and IT maintenance costs. It offers peace of mind because it is an always up-to-date system that eliminates the need to purchase or upgrade additional hardware, software or hire IT personnel.

Cloud Inventory® by DSI offers multi-currency capabilities so that international business owners can track inventory in their own currencies. It also provides real-time integration with nearly all barcode scanners and scales, as well as features that allow you to automatically create purchase orders, sales orders, and work orders from the data in your inventory. Read more about DSI Global, here.


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