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The Career Path Of James Dondero, Founder Of NexPoint

James Dondero is a renowned American entrepreneur. Jim is the founder of NexPoint, an alternative investment group that includes sponsors and advisers and a broker specialist. The company specializes in real estate, where it offers private and public real estate trust, an interval fund, a closed-end fund, and other alternative real estate solutions.

Besides overseeing the group’s investments, James Dondero also serves as the portfolio manager of the organization’s closed-end fund. He also leads in other departments of the group. He is the director of NexPoint Residential Trust, Inc, specializing in multifamily business, NexPoint Hospitality Trust, which concentrates on hospitality assets, and NexPoint Real Estate finance, a well-established commercial mortgage REIT.

The real estate mogul has over 30 years of experience investing in several portfolios of real estate. Jim Dondero has established a couple of businesses to manage investments in real estate, credit, and private equity in his career life, to mention a few.

He co-founded Highland Capital Management. The investment firm is credit-focused and serves as the foundation of his flourishing finance career. At the company’s helm, James Dondero helped the organization expand beyond its primary focus in credit and started offering several other financial products.

Throughout his career, James has always strived to grow access to alternative investment. As Highlands continued to grow, he used the platform to spreadhead innovation in the credit industry. In 2012, Jim Dondero founded NexPoint Advisors to bring revolutionary strategies to retail markets. Mr. James is a celebrated professional who holds several board positions in the healthcare, financial, and real estate sectors, to mention a few.

Besides succeeding in business, James Dondero is a dedicated philanthropist. He plays an active role in charitable causes such as initiatives in veteran affairs, education, economic and community development. He is also well known for supporting several cultural and civil institutions in the Dallas area. Refer to this page for more information.


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