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Training Forex Traders At IM Academy

IM Academy is an online platform that trains Forex traders. The vision for this foundation was to create an easy way to access Forex Trading education.

Products offered at IM Academy

Education of Forex trading at IM Academy is offered in the form of modules referred to as academies. The four primary academies include FRX Academy, HFX Academy, DCX Academy, and ECX Academy. And an extra Elite program is also offered. The Elite package enables a student to access all four basic programs at a discounted cost. It also provides the learners with substantial savings.

A student can access pre-recorded videos and learning materials on the website. However, to access unlimited services at IM Academy, students must have an active subscription. The subscription fees for the essential programs include a $234 initial subscription and a $174 monthly payment. For the elite program, the initial subscription cost is $324 and, after that, a monthly fee of $274.

On every module, students access informational videos along with interactive goLive sessions. During these sessions, a student experiences direct hands-on content covered. A student can also ask questions and take part in various discussions. IM Academy’s goLive sessions give a student opportunity to interact directly with IM Trainers. At the end of every module, the student takes a quiz to proceed to the next module.

For students interested in more specialized matters, they can access these services during the active subscription period. Some of these optional services include FRX Harmonics Swipetrades, DCX Harmonics, Delorean HFX Liberty Hourglass, Swipecoin Scalper Levels, Vibrata Goldcup Bounceback, Swipecoin, and Pivots Steady.

To access the IM Academy program, visit their website at IM. Academy or download the IM Academy app. It is essential to note that the IBO academy included in the product and services is not a program offered by IM Academy. Visit this page for additional information.


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