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Under Alejandro Betancourt Leadership, Hawkers Has Grown to become a Multinational Firm

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez is an entrepreneur who has speculated in energy businesses, and he has developed an interest in farming, real estate, finance, and international trade with time. He graduated from Suffolk University with a double degree in economics and business administration. He has experienced a successful career path with several investments in major companies, including Hawkers. Alejandro Betancourt raised 20 million Euros to fund Hawkers, consequently leading to its listing as one of Spain’s top ten startup companies in 2018.

The primary objective of the firm was to produce high-quality, designer, and affordable fashion sunglasses. By doing so, the brand experienced tremendous growth and gained popularity within a short period. However, after its early success, the brand suffered some losses, and they sought Alejandro to lead the company. He became the president of Hawkers, and since then, the brand has grown into a multinational firm. Alongside other investors, Betancourt contributes 50 million Euros to the company and strengthens the company’s leadership by choosing successful leaders to guide the employees.

Alejandro Betancourt expanded Hawker’s distribution to North America, Asia, and Europe. He contributed 20 million euros more to the company in 2018, making him the main shareholder. Although the brand faces many setbacks, Alejandro Betancourt constantly advises his employees to keep going and take the setbacks as learning opportunities. This corporation has grown over the years, and it currently has approximately 200 employees. Under Alejandro Betancourt’s leadership, the company is a market leader in more than 50 countries. The brand has also managed to sell more than 4.5 million sunglasses since Alejandro Betancourt took over its leadership. The organization is one of the brands to gain popularity through Facebook adverts, and it currently has 6.6 million likes, making it one of the famous fashion Facebook pages. Refer to this page for additional information