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ZeroAvia’s Regional Jet Partnership and Hydrogen-Electric Plane Testing


ZeroAvia made an announcement recently, concerning a partnership that they are planning on making with the Mitsubishi Regional Jet Heavy Industries. The latter is in a bid to retrofit and develop regional jets with systems that are made from hydrogen-electric propulsion. ZeroAvia is often mostly concerned with ensuring that there are no emissions of powertrain technology. Mitsubishi will therefore be able to carry out the design of the cover, support experience as well as facilitate the certification process.


What ZeroAvia is working on in the meantime

Currently, the project that has kept ZeroAvia fully occupied is the conversion of an aircraft, that is Dornier 228 turboprop with a capacity of 19-seater. They are looking to use a hydrogen-electric powertrain in a bid to fulfil this. Later on in the coming couple of months, they will do a test flight, to test the functionality of the aircraft

Additionally, ZeroAvia has plans of making complete certification of the 19-seater powertrain, so that they are able to officially launch its entry into the market in the year 2024. With these sort of plans, the company is looking at having an aircraft that has the capacity of between 50 to 80 seats by the year 2026, then push it further to regional aircraft by the year 2028.


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Why ZeroAvia decided to use the 19-seater Dornier 228 aircraft in the conversion of the zero emissions powertrain

The main reason as to why the Dornier 228 aircraft was chosen among the rest, is mostly because of its reliability and certified conventional airframe. On top of this, this ZeroAvia aircraft has so much space on the inside, which makes it possesses convenient flight characteristics. Some of the latter include great performance of a single engine and short landing and take-off times. These features are particularly important, because they will go a long way in ensuring that safety measures are greatly observed.